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Taletrove helps families preserve their stories and memories by providing a fun and easy way to record and share them.
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How does Taletrove work?

Share memories through text, audio, or video and our directed team will curate a bespoke book that immortalises their cherished memories. Embrace the power of storytelling and prescribe their legacy for generations to come.

Step 1: Invite Your Loved Ones

Start The Journey
Send an invitation to your family members to join Taletrove. They will receive a warm, welcoming message, prompting them to begin sharing their life stories and memories.

Step 2: Answer Thought-Provoking Questions

Capture Stories Weekly
Each week, we send your loved ones a carefully crafted question to answer. These prompts are designed to evoke detailed and meaningful responses, helping to preserve cherished memories.

Step 3: Create a Timeless Keepsake

Craft Your Family Book
Taletrove compiles all the answers into a beautifully designed book. This keepsake will be a treasured family heirloom, preserving your family's legacy for future generations.

About Us

This is our mission

To empower everyone to preserve their unique story, celebrating and sharing memories in a tangible, meaningful way.


Our Pricing Plans

We offer pricing plans for all budgets.



  • Write up to 5 themed books (e.g. Career, Childhood, Wedding Day)
  • Unlimited Family View Access
  • Weekly question prompts



  • Access to all Bronze Features
  • Access to all themed books
  • Audio Answers
  • Customise Questions

Any Questions? Answered

Taletrove is a unique gift service that helps families preserve their memories and personal stories in a beautiful hardback book.
Taletrove works by providing users with a simple and engaging way to capture their life stories. Each week, users receive a set of questions that are designed to stimulate memories and inspire reflection. They can answer these questions on our simple and easy to use online portal. Once all the questions have been answered, Taletrove takes care of the rest, turning the answers into a beautiful hardback book that can be treasured by the user's family and loved ones.
Taletrove is for anyone who wants to capture their life story and create a treasured memoir for themselves or their loved ones. Typically, Taletrove users are older adults who want to share their life experiences with their children, grandchildren, or future generations.
The weekly questions cover a range of topics such as family history, childhood memories, career, and personal achievements. The questions are designed to encourage reflection and introspection, and they are tailored to each user's unique life experiences.
The hardback book is a beautifully designed and professionally printed memoir of the user's life. Are books are 6x9 in size, printed in colour and presented in a high-quality, durable hardcover format. The book is a perfect keepsake that can be passed down through generations.
Yes, Taletrove is available outside of the UK, but only in the English language. Additional shipping costs will be incurred for delivery outside of the UK.

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